VIDEO Steamed quest in Congo: a mountain full of gold, complete madness has begun!

VIDEO Steamed quest in Congo: a mountain full of gold, complete madness has begun!

He said that after the discovery of gold-rich ore a few weeks ago, dozens of people were flooded on the Luhi Mountains in South Kivu Province, trying to extract at least some precious metals. Reuters Agency. Local mining minister Vent Barum Muhigirwa said that the gold miners had pressurized the village where the mountain is located. The mountain soil is estimated to be 60 to 90 percent gold.

In the video, you can see that mineral extraction is done using rudimentary means and is common throughout the Congo. However, due to the recent ore discovery, all traders, members of the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) and Livelihoods have had to leave mines in Luhi and the surrounding area. Up to 90 percent of the miners working in the Northeast work goldsmiths. The order issued by Muhigirwa also stated that all mining activities were suspended until further notice and that the presence of FARDC in mining sites, which is prohibited under the Congolese Mining Code, could contribute to the Luhai riots. .

The purpose of the suspension of mining is to enable officials to identify miners working in the mountain and ensure their proper registration with artisanal mining regulators. The decree states that in mining activities in Luhi, it should be restored not only to protect life, but also to ensure the traceability of gold produced in accordance with Congolese law.

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The Congo is full of natural resources, including oil, wood, diamonds, and minerals, but the ease with which these materials can be found causes greed and social problems. Along with tin, tungsten and tantalum, gold is one of the sources known as “conflict material”, suggesting that armed groups force others to mine mine before taxation, or smuggling it. Are and trade it. For the money thus obtained, weapons are purchased and paid to the fighters.


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