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A young Mexican admitted to causing controversy on social networks that he decided to leave Harvard University in the United States, in order to return to his native country and be able to live with his partner. video posted by user@palevill27 went viral with over 3 million views.

The young man had decided to join a trend on the aforementioned forum wherein users share what they did for love, despite the fact that the gesture was not valued by the other party at that time. This was when Paleville27 published a video that clearly surpassed the other participants so far.

“When I told my parents that Harvard was not what I expected to return to Mexico with you”The netizen wrote in a clip where he can be seen wearing a shirt of the prestigious university.

Video of TikToker who dropped out of Harvard University with his partner

The post quickly went viral and crossed 3 million views. On the other hand, there were also those who strongly criticized the boy.

“Very ready to enter Harvard but not much for life” “Being smart in school is not the same as being smart in life”, were some of the comments he received.

As of now, TikTok has not clarified whether it is a joke due to the trend, despite the fact that many users have asked him for details about the end of his story.

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