Visiting Kyiv, Bombing, Didier Renders admits: “We went to the 3rd basement of the hotel”

Visiting Kyiv, Bombing, Didier Renders admits:

European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, who is visiting Kyiv, tweeted that he and his team had been moved to the shelter of the hotel where he is staying. “We are safe and awaiting the news,” the Belgian tweeted.

Interviewed by LN24, the European commissioner returned this eventful morning. “Alarms started sounding in the city from 6 am. The first blast happened after 8 am,” he said. “Security services told us to go to the third basement of the hotel. From what the staff of the establishment told me, it’s now been three months since there’s been a raid on the shelters. There were alarms but there was no explosion but this morning there were blasts. sound was heard.”

Didier Reynders said that this was his fifth visit to Ukraine. “It had never happened under such circumstances,” he said, adding that the state of alert has been maintained. “The situation was getting worse for a few days. (…) We obviously want a situation that ranges from the use of weapons to the use of diplomacy, but obviously we are still far from it. We are But always in very tense times of conflict.”

At least five explosions hit the Ukrainian capital on Monday morning, according to AFP reporters.

Images of bombed Kyiv:

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