“We can’t be told if she’ll make it, our lives are torn apart”

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, the sky fell on a family in Meurthe-et-Moselle. 12-year-old Lena fell ill after eating Buitoni brand frache’up pizza she bought at a supermarket. Two months later, the young girl is still hospitalized in Nancy, where she is “in a vegetative state”. Cedric and Sophie, their parents, give a touching testimony to RMC today.

Because this was not the first time the Fraich’Up pizza was eaten by the family. It was “a small pleasure” that he introduced himself to “the regular” and he appreciated. Except that after this February 14, nothing was the same: Lena was taken to the hospital with severe pain in the abdomen. The verdict falls quickly: Inflammation in the intestines. Nothing “serious”, the teenager can go home. The only advice that would be given to parents is to call the family doctor.

However, as the evening progresses, the situation worsens. Lena returns to the emergency room. Further analyzes provide a much more serious diagnosis: E. coli “the venom rose to the level of the brain. They decided to put her in a coma, to avoid too much pain, to ease her suffering a bit,” says her father.

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Now, Lena lives with “large lesions in the frontal lobe and the back of the brain.” Whether she will ever recover or not, cannot be said. “Today, doctors can’t tell us if she will be fine. It is still in the vegetative stage. It is very difficult to see him like this. We talk to him, but nothing happens. (…) Our lives are torn apart, ”says the mother.

Dad, Cedric says: “Doctors are not optimistic. It could be like this until the end of his days. There are no good, reassuring words. Neurologists have made it clear to us that if someone came to tell us that she would walk again, sing again, as before, it would be a lie. Doctors tell us this is a battle of a lifetime.”

Or how a “5-Ball Pizza” destroyed a family and a teenager he still had his whole life with. “He is now locked in his body”, announced Figaro’s father a few days ago.

A kitty is opened by two colleagues and friends of Lena’s parents to help her overcome this ordeal.


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