“What a fool from all points of view!”: In Grenoble, authorized burkini sets fire to powder in swimming pool

Grenoble city council on Monday approved wearing a burkini in the municipal swimming pool, after a hard vote on a divisive topic that has been at the center of weeks of national controversy.

“I am sorry that Grenoble Mayor Eric Piol made this a national matter, exploiting the matter for internal political reasons, for the Greens Congress” or other, lamented the national secretary of the PCF Fabian Roussel on Europe 1.

“I am against the fact that a swimming pool, a public service, promotes a religious claim”, further criticizing the former presidential candidate, who “supported the withdrawal of the deliberation, which there There was nothing to do, because, at least, we talk to all the mayors in its area about it and we avoid making such a subject important”.

“What a fool by all means!” For her part, she was furious at France 2 Laurence Rossignol about Eric Piol, who, like her, supports the agreement of the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (NUPS).

“It is commonly said that the far-right election campaign brings the burkini, the burqa, the veil, and we think it pollutes the political debate, this time it doesn’t come from afar, it comes from an eclectic mayor. Grenoble’s, at times, I am amazed, it pollutes the countryside, and then on merits, he is wrong”, explained Ms Rossignol, who supported Arnaud Montberg’s candidacy in the presidential election before joining Anne. was supported. Hidalgo.

According to Ms Rossignol, by surrendering to “religious and political demands arising from considerable minority associations or groups in the religion” and “this is a victory for the fundamentalists”, Piol “clearly fell into a trap with great pleasure”. .

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“The republic must resist religious claims because it is endless and aims to destabilize it”, asserting that the senator of Oise “has an agenda, today burkini, then repeal of the 2004 law on headscarves”. In the school, finally the obligation of neutrality of civil servants”.

According to him, “there is a denial of what religious aggression is in this country” and “this is a debate that is on the left, it has to be purified at some point, and there, it doesn’t help.”

According to an Eyepop poll conducted for Le Point from 13 to 16 May, 69% of French people say they are against the possible legalization of the burkini. By extension, 76% of RN voters are against it, 71% of presidential majority voters and 58% of NUPS voters are against it.


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