“What do you know other than Mohammed bin Salman” .. A video of a woman commenting “on a street in Kuwait” was broadcast on Seoul

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated a video clip of a woman’s remarks in a Kuwaiti street, as she put it, that sparked conversations and comments.

The Saudi news page, which is followed by nearly 15 million people, published the video clip, which CNN Arabica could not confirm was taken by activists before it was broadcast.

In the video going viral, the woman says: “Kuwait drenched with a little rain, and God knows it’s only Mohammed bin Salman for you to remove the corruption we have.

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry published the warning on its official Twitter page, in which it said: “Due to the wave of rain in the country… some main and secondary roads have been temporarily closed.”

In a separate tweet, Kuwait’s Interior Ministry asked its citizens and residents not to step out of their homes unless absolutely necessary due to the wave of rain in the country.

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