What was once for men is now exclusively for women

As cheerleaders, young women are often seen in sports competitions such as basketball and football. But once, the cheerleader was only for young people. The method of cheerleading came into existence in the year 1800. Cheerleading was considered important in those days as a football match. At that time, joining the cheerleading team was considered a sign of great prestige for the youth studying in college. The team had popular college students. US Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan were also cheerleaders in college life. Now cheerleading is seen only by young women.
First thing
In the past, male employees were initially employed as telephone operators. But as the women’s voice became more pleasant to hear on the phone, male telephone operators were reduced and women were gradually hired. A woman named Emma Nutt became the world’s first telephone operator. The language of the women was polite and they were aware of the skill of communicating in a very sweet voice, so the women were assigned this task. Even today, if the number you dial is busy, the automated voice says that it belongs to the woman.
Talk 2
High heels or high heels are available only for women nowadays. But once heels were made for men only. In the ninth century, Persian horsemen introduced the fashion of wearing these boots. These riders wore heels so that their feet would not slip from the saddle of the horse. These shoes were also used later in the Persian dynasty. When the Persian ambassador came to Europe for political meetings. With him, the fashion of his heels also began to enter Europe. Such high-heeled shoes were considered a sign of prestige because it was restricted to high-brow families. King Louis XVI of France also wore red high heels to increase his height.

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