When a photograph of a tourist in Crimea reveals Russian strategic information

When a photograph of a tourist in Crimea reveals Russian strategic information

Posting a picture of herself on a beach in Crimea, a Russian tourist accidentally revealed the location of an air defense system. In the photo, the man is posing in a swimming trunk while a battery of surface-to-air missiles can be seen in the background.

The most Internet enthusiasts were then able to locate the system, considered the most sophisticated in Russia, on a plateau near the city of Yevpatoriya. The location is similar to reports from the Russian governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozayev, who during the weekend announced the presence of anti-aircraft systems in the region.

Thus the Ukrainian Defense Ministry noted the location of the anti-aircraft battery and, ironically, thanked the tourist.

“Maybe we are too tough on Russian tourists”,Can we read it in the tweet?,Sometimes they can be very useful, he adds. Like this man taking pictures of Russian air defense positions near Yevpatoriya in occupied Crimea. ,

Benjamin Pitt, an expert in open source intelligence, made the accuracy of geolocation possible. The latter had first photographed near the lake in late July, which also showed Russian machines. Journalist Mark Krutov, who worked with the expert, explained to Radio Liberte that public coordinates made the researcher’s task easier.

The fate of the anti-aircraft battery is still unknown.

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