“When I got home, it felt like the apocalypse”

Karen and Dries left Beringen with their two children in 2013 for the village of Waumas near Vichy, where they bought a house with Gitt. Five years later, their house and Gote are deserted due to a fire. After a year of rebuilding and a period of COVID, business was going well, until last Tuesday: a storm in the area destroyed their home once again.

“When I got home, it looked like the apocalypse,” Karen tells our colleagues. HBVL, Destroyed roofs, broken windows, floods… the storm had spared nothing. “I had never seen anything like this before and even people who have lived here for 60 years have never experienced a storm like this.”

Karen’s brother, Bart, started a crowdfunding campaign to help the family pay for the repairs. Karen and Dries, for their part, rely on insurance as well. Despite these terrible misadventures, the couple intend to stay in France.

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