Who is hiding behind Elizabeth II’s hat?

Les chapeaux de la Reine d’Angleterre contribuent à son look et à sa réputation

She is 1m63 and has probably shrunk a few centimeters over the years. Small but determined, the Queen of England wants as many people to come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of her. “TookElizabeth’s look is very colorful coat, very bright, vibrant colors, even fluorescent. It’s also whimsical hats and caps. It has to be seen in the crowd, we understand that”Royalty for the Paris-Match explains journalist Emmanuel Jova. “It’s a bit like in the books ‘Where’s Charlie?Patrick Weber says “You have those 2 pages where you have to identify someone. Well, there’s Charlie, Queen of England, she’s in the middle.” For RTBF Hosts, Monarchy Experts : “she wears with an unlikely color, and she also wears an impossible fascinator. Result: she can be short, rather thin and thick, we will know right away where she is! Only the Queen wears such highly improbable pastel colors. It’s not really pretty, it’s not really ugly. But in any case it is unique. So if she decides to wear a Pani Pista dress, she will be the only one who will have a Pani Pista outfit!”

Only the Queen of England wears such a colour.”

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