Who is Kim Yo Jong who is said to have carried out the Kim Jong Un coup?

Who is Kim Yo Jong who is said to have carried out the Kim Jong Un coup?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly been ousted. This time the mastermind of the coup was rumored to be his own younger sister, Kim Yo Jong. The event is from 6 May to 5 June 2021.

Kim Yo Jong Kim’s coup was first reported by a United States (US) media globe, Monday (25/10/2021). But the coup by Kim Yo Jong is still confusing.

The coup d’├ętat came to the fore after several times that Kim Jong Un did not attend certain events and that Kim Jong Un looked different once he appeared.

Earlier, Kim Yo Jong was predicted as the replacement of Kim Jong Un. In August, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) reported that Kim Jong Un had delegated most of the country’s affairs to several aides and made his sister Kim Yo Jong “the real number two”.

According to news agency report yonhap, Kim Yo Jong is now in charge of the isolated country’s relations with the United States (US) and South Korea. But he has not been named as Kim’s successor.

Kim Yo Jong herself is a woman of about 30 years. In the last two years, Kim Yo Jong has often been seen with Kim Jong Un.

Before actually being appointed number two, he had two positions: officially serving the country as deputy director of the Workers’ Party Central Committee, and unofficially as his brother’s chief of staff.

He was named an alternate member of the ruling Labor Party’s powerful Politburo Central Committee in early April 2021, continuing his ascent through the leadership hierarchy. They also have strong control over the core functions of the party, positioning themselves as the main source of power behind the collective leadership.

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“Kim Yo Jong will become the main power base, along with organizational control and development departments, justice and public security,” said Cho Han-bum of the Korea National Unification Institute.

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