Who is Massimiliano Strappetti, Pope Francis’ personal health assistant?

Who is Massimiliano Strappetti, Pope Francis' personal health assistant?

There is no doubt that many journalists would like to benefit from his telephone number, as the health of Pope Francis is at the center of many speculations.

Massimiliano Strappetti, nurse coordinator for the Vatican’s Directorate of Health and Hygiene, has actually been appointed the Pope’s “personal health assistant,” according to a press release published late last week. A Vatican source told AFP it was also a completely new official ceremony. Indeed, if caregivers, including an authoritative physician, consistently follow the Pope, this new function of assistant has been made necessary given Francis’ recent health problems. At the age of 85, the latter is suffering from colon (for which he had surgery last summer), chronic sciatica, and right knee pain (which forces him to receive regular infiltration, reducing his activities). and more often in a wheelchair or a stick).

Massimiliano Strappetti has also been identified as a hospital nurse whom the Pope paid tribute to in an interview last year as he convinced her that surgery was necessary to treat his inflamed colon.

,he saved my life !“The Pope confirmed on Spanish Radio Cope after her operation on July 4, 2021, saying that the nurse had worked at the Vatican for nearly thirty years and had”a lot of experience,

The nurse is really appreciated in the Vatican for her professionalism, her privacy and devotion to the little ones, noted the Italian daily la repubblica, They are actually working with the Church’s social services to relieve the suffering of the many homeless people living near the Vatican walls.

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For la repubblicaThis nomination is also not insignificant in the symbol it represents.

Pope loves nurses, this category of health workers closest to patients, to whom he often pays tribute.


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