WHO: The discovery of the origin of the virus “being poisoned by politics” – News

WHO: The discovery of the origin of the virus

Mike Ryan’s statements come the week when United States President Joe Biden called on the US intelligence services to “double-try” to explain the origins of the new coronovirus and demand a report within 90 days.

The Irish expert said, “We want everyone to separate the politics of science if the information in the media has come to light in the last few days with little news or real evidence.”

“Each country is free to defend its own principles about origins,” he said, warning that space is needed to work and that the “current situation” puts WHO in a difficult position to look for answers. is.

The US presidential initiative revived the theory that coronavirus may have its origins in a virological laboratory in Wuhan, a city in central China, where the first cases of Kovid-19 were reported at the end of 2019, despite the WHO mission to China Experts emphasized that earlier this year was the least likely of that hypothesis.

After a visit to an Asian country, which faced bureaucratic hurdles on the Chinese side, these experts concluded that the origin of the coronavirus was most likely a wild animal that was yet to be confirmed, allowing it to kill humans by one or the other Was sent. More intermediate species.

Mike Ryan said today that the WHO and Member States are considering various experts to participate in the next phase of the investigation into the origin of the coronovirus, but contrary to the 90 days required by Biden, he insisted that “to clarify them Will require multiple missions, if you can manage it at any time ”.

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The emergency director recalled that WHO puts all the principles on the table (although some are considered more likely than others), but guarantees that to study them, “a positive climate, a process driven by solidarity” Necessary.

“Politics makes things harder, keep working scientists, who have all managed their expectations correctly on the question of the origin of HIV,” said epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhov, technical leader of the Kovid-19 response at WHO. said to.” Coronavirus.

According to a report by the French agency AFP, the Kovid-19 epidemic caused at least 3,513,088 deaths worldwide, resulting in more than 168.9 million cases of infection.

According to the latest bulletin of the Directorate General of Health, 17,023 people have died out of 847,604 confirmed cases of infection in Portugal.

The disease is transmitted to a new coronavirus found in late 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China.


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