Why Boris Johnson’s mysterious red briefcase could save him

Pourquoi la mystérieuse mallette rouge de Boris Johnson pourrait le sauver d'affaire

Could the mysterious red briefcase let Boris Johnson off the hook? This is the suggestion of some members of his party.

The British prime minister is currently at the center of “Partygate”, a party scandal that was conducted in full imprisonment at 10 Downing Street. Latest Episode: Photos of a party Boris Johnson reportedly attended on November 13, 2020, when the UK was going through a second lockdown and indoor parties were banned. Photos showed a smile on Boris Johnson’s face, raising his glass. Snacks and drinks were placed on a table in front of him. And right next to him sits the famous red briefcase on a chair that he never takes apart.

But what exactly is in this little red suitcase and above all, how could it save Boris Johnson’s skin? Known to the British, who nicknamed it the “Red Box”, this red briefcase accompanies Boris Johnson anywhere: in the United Kingdom and abroad, in the evenings at home or at work. The system was established in 1860. Documents to be signed or read, daily briefings, etc. : The red briefcase contains documents addressed to the British Prime Minister, which is renewed every day. Inside the briefcase are only the most important papers, monogrammed with an effigy of the reigning emperor. The queen and other ministers also have one. Like his predecessors, Boris Johnson is therefore almost always with him.

For some members of Boris Johnson’s party, the fact that the red briefcase appears in images of the party at 10 Downing Street is a very good sign. In fact, he claims that this proves that he was unaware of the evening and had joined the staff members as he was on his way home. They would have given him a drink and he would have put the “red box” in the toast.

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“I think he stopped to raise his glass and say thank you to the long-standing staff,” said Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps. He also said the prime minister was “disgusting”.

In what could be the elimination of Boris Johnson in the eyes of some Englishmen… However, the prime minister would be preparing for an apology after already assuring parliament that he had no intention of insisting on the lockdown parties.

problematic whatsapp message

This isn’t the first time Briefcase has found itself at the center of controversy. In late March, court documents confirmed that Boris Johnson was receiving important government business information via WhatsApp. These communications, which came from the “red box”, were sent to his phone for reasons of “administrative ease”.

For the Good Law Project and Foxglove, two propaganda legal groups, the practice poses a security risk. The latter disputed the use of the courier service, claiming that it violated the Law on the Protection of Public Documents.

However, the judges decided that the use of WhatsApp would not break the law. The government has called the lawsuit an “unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ time and money”.


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