Why can people who work “really walk away from career advancement”? Common sense suggestions are not enough.

 Why can people who work

What are the characteristics of people who are early in their career? A training instructor, Mr. Mayasayu Iba, said, “People who buy a dirty role instead of their boss move quickly. I want you to imagine a person who is called by colleagues, “I often bother to play like that. Role.”.

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Can you support the blind spots of your boss?

Have you ever heard the word “Palanhar”? It was advocated in 1992 in a book published by Professor Robert Kelly of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, and refers to “the boss’s approach to understanding and supporting blind spots.”

I think this service is particularly important in today’s business scenario. This is because the change in time has clearly increased the number of blind spots that are invisible to the boss.

In an era when the environment was not as harsh as it is now, owners can make the right decisions based on their rules of thumb. But now, the pace of environmental change is increasing. In other words, there are increasing numbers of situations where the rule of thumb has cultivated since becoming young. As a result, the barriers to making the right decision by organizing information coming from subordinates in the field of rapid change are much higher than before.

Dekiru subordinates are “problem enthusiasts”

Therefore, follower is important. It is important for subordinates to identify and support the blind spots of their superiors. So to speak, it can be said that the independence of subordinates depends on the performance of their superiors and, by extension, on the performance of the company. Therefore, since around 2010, many companies have been actively conducting training.

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However, even though followers are attracting more attention, I think surprisingly few people are able to demonstrate followers in the true sense of the word. From the training that I am receiving, I came to know that this number is only 3% of the total.

Subordinates who are able to demonstrate adherents have characteristics that can be called “problem-finding enthusiasts”. Not only can you follow the instructions, but you can also explore the problems that your organization has, propose solutions to them and take action to realize them.


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