With the support of Nicolás Maduro, Alberto Fernández assumed the presidency of Selleck.

With the support of Nicolás Maduro, Alberto Fernández assumed the presidency of Selleck.
Nicolas Maduro in an interview with Telesur. Photo: Presidential Press

Strengthen your “regional leadership”, and show yourself as an effective “mediator” between Washington and the populist political regimes that have we as the main enemy. These are the main objectives that Argentine President Alberto Fernández will achieve tomorrow, if nothing unexpected happens, when the plenary session of Foreign Ministers of the Latin American and Caribbean Community (CELAC) elected him as the president of that unit. All for 2022.

33. Chancellor and Envoy of Member countries began arriving at the Palacio San Martín today. There will be a summit on Friday morning. One of the first was Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, a longtime and loyal ally of President Daniel Ortega. He is among the last presidents who today supported Selec’s Argentine presidency at the hands of Mexico.


Created a decade ago under the influence of Venezuelan Hugo Chávez, Selac has been the region for years that Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba have supported to direct their criticism of the United States from there. Like Canada, the United States is not part of Celac.

Official activities tonight begin with an official meal at the Kirchner Cultural Center. It will be in honor of the participating delegations, but the deliberations at the Ministry of External Affairs will begin tomorrow at 9 am. It is expected that after 1 pm, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafeiro and his Mexican counterpart Marcelo Ebrard, will announce the transfer. Provisional Presidency for Argentina. Ebrard, another illustrious attendee of the summit, passed through Chile on Thursday and met with President-elect Gabriel Boric.

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