World Pasta Day: Techniques to Cook It in 2 Minutes (Saving Energy) | to eat

 World Pasta Day: Techniques to Cook It in 2 Minutes (Saving Energy) |  to eat

What do we eat tonight? Pasta! This 25th October, the world day of this dish is celebrated which is loved by everyone. And to save you time in the evening, here’s a technique that will allow you to cook your own penne and other spaghetti in just a few minutes.

Two minutes and it’s ready. While pasta was already an easy and quick dish, here’s a new recipe that should confirm its place as a favorite.

Forget everything you knew about cooking pasta. Here is “passive cooking” (or “passive cooking”, in English). thought? Cook your pasta without gas, as suggested by the Nobel Prize in Physics, Giorgio Paris. Later after boiling water for pasta it is advisable to reduce the hob or turn it off completely.

guide barilla

A trick that doesn’t really please Italian purists, who cry foul on social networks. But it seems that Italian pasta brand Barilla is convinced of this technology, as it now claims its own merits. She goes even further by proposing a method for heating the water for the pasta for just two minutes and then turning off the gas directly, leaving the pan on the heat. A lid is attached to retain the heat so that cooking can take place naturally.

The brand has also posted a “passive cooking” guide online. It will take 2 minutes + 11 minutes of passive cooking for penne. For spaghetti, count 2 minutes + 8 minutes of idle cooking. The company claims that this cooking technology will save up to 80% of carbon emissions related to cooking.

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real savings?

However, the savings on gas or electricity bills may not be realized. Actually, as our colleagues at So Soare point out, cooking pasta, especially when you have an induction hob, isn’t too expensive. It is estimated that the cost of cooking this meal is around 0.034 euros. Of course, “passive cooking” isn’t a miracle recipe for saving money, but it’s still a small eco-responsible gesture!

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