“Worms in milk”, “incidence of faeces”… TUI is obliged to reimburse the holidaymakers

83 British holidaymakers will never forget their summer vacation in 2019. A yatra was carved in his memory but not for the right reasons. While staying at a four-star resort in Holiday Village, Lanzarote, Spain, the stay turned into a “nightmare.” All without exception fell ill from food.

In British media, holidaymakers describe their sufferings as: poor hygiene standards, animals and insects in catering areas, undercooked food, “worms in milk” or even “incidences of feces” in hotel swimming pools. A tourist says, “Fresh food was included in the old meal, the food was recycled/represented in the aftermarket.” “Maggots were reported in milk, which was sometimes curdled. Food, restaurant and general hygiene standards were poor. Then the cloth used to clean the vomit would have been used to clean the rest of the floor.” The water was served through a dispenser instead of sealed bottles, and there was an unpleasant smell coming from the juice machine,” he added.

In short, a real stay from hell for families hoping to relax and enjoy the Spanish sun. Food poisoning would have decided otherwise. “I couldn’t eat until four days after I got sick. It was horrifying to see his children suffer. ,

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Since then, customers have turned against England’s TUI travel agency. After years of legal battle, he finally won his case: the High Court in London ordered the tour operator to pay £232,000 (about 270,000 euros) for the 83 vacations in question.


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