Xi’an epidemic: City closed for two weeks, people worried about ban order – BBC News

Xi'an epidemic: City closed for two weeks, people worried about ban order - BBC News

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empty streets after city closure

Some urgent and coercive measures taken by Xi’an in the latest round of the new crown epidemic have caused public discontent, and the epidemic prevention status of the city with a total population of about 13 million continues to be the focus of attention. ,

Shaanxi provincial capital, which has been locked down for two weeks, continues to experience various problems related to epidemic prevention measures, including insufficient food supplies for those who have been quarantined, and conflicts between quarantine personnel and people. Incidents such as

On Tuesday (January 4), as a new round of nucleic acid testing began in Xi’an City, the official big data mobile app for epidemic prevention and control, “Xi’an Yimatong”, reportedly crashed due to excessive traffic, And the epidemic prevention and control code of the public could not be displayed. This is the second time in the last ten days.

The Xi’an city government held a press conference on Monday, acknowledging that “inadequate preparation work” has rendered the public untimely during this period of the epidemic. Both the secretary of the Yanta District Party Committee and the head of the Yanta district, which was hit hardest by the epidemic, were both removed from their posts.


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