Yes wins for apartment ownership –

Yes wins for apartment ownership -
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56% of voters are in favor of socialization. The biggest company in the sector is also in the eye. The dilemma of the new mayor, who is against it. And the joy of Joanna Kusiac on behalf of the organizing committee

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Berlin – Proletarian seizure returns. or maybe not
, because it risks being unconstitutional. However, Berliners want itVoting took place with an overwhelming majority in the referendum held simultaneously with the general and administrative elections in the capital. Deutsche Wohenen, Germany’s leading real estate company, has more than three thousand apartments in Berlin alone, where most residents live on rent. continues this morning, The number of votes in favor of the socialization of real estate companies was 56.4 percent compared to 39 percent, a gap that cannot be bridged.

skyrocketing rent

In the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, most affected by the German capital’s gentrification process, the figure was 72.4%. Berlin, because of its history, and especially after the reunification, has always been a city where you can live with a little. In the early 2000s, the cost of renting an entire apartment was less than renting a room in an Italian university town. Then as his attraction grew, rental prices have risen, seems to be similar to all major European cities. but wages didn’t do that. And many Berliners found themselves poor.

most expensive neighborhood

A recent research by Homeday property portal shows that comparing rental prices with average income Seven of the 10 Most Prohibitive Areas for Renters in Germany Are in Berlin (The other two in Munich and one in Hamburg, traditionally more prosperous cities). In the German capital, in fact, the net income of a family of two middle class is 4,377 euros per month, while in Munich it is about a thousand euros more. and so The rent is reduced by 40 to 60% of the monthly income of Berliners (The portion considered sustainable and reasonable is 30%)

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Ball for the future mayor

today morning, Franziska Giffy, leader of the Social Democrats, the party with the most votes in Berlin, reiterated that he was opposed to the confiscation, but the city senate would have to accept it and act accordingly. I’m still of the opinion that confiscation doesn’t help Not even having a spare apartment could solve the big question of affordable housing. But the result of the referendum must be respected He has declared. We have to prepare a bill to seize in the Senate And then it has to be examined from a legal point of view: if it is not in line with the Constitution, we cannot approve it, he said.


In May, the committee promoting the referendum presented Bill to socialize apartments owned by real estate companies, presenting seven independent reports – some of which were prepared by the Technical Services of the Federal Parliament and the House of Representatives – that reaffirmed their constitutionality. On the other hand, other rights experts argue that confiscation is unconstitutional. Referendum committee wants to transfer the apartment to a non-profit public law company And real estate companies are proposed to be paid by rental income with bonds financed over 40 years. evaluate that Forfeiture costs between 7.3 and 13.7 billion euros. The Berlin Senate, on the other hand, estimates the cost to be much higher, between 29 and 36 billion euros.

Definitely new administration The city, which could see a reimagined version of a coalition between the SPD, the Greens and the radical left-wing Linke, or even just a two-way coalition between the Social Democrats and environmentalists, will find itself grappling with the issue. . that Particularly embarrasses the Social Democrats. It does not matter in what structure: the ruling coalition of the future will have to complete the socialization of real estate companies. The demand for socialization unites many more voices than any other party. We Berliners have decidedNo one is authorized to speculate with our apartment, said a spokesman for the committee promoting the referendum Joanna Kusiak. Together we have shaken the city and shaken politics. We faced powerful opponents and we won. We are not leaving any time soon.

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