You might be in for a very bad surprise…

You might be in for a very bad surprise…

Like any platform, Netflix has rules telling its subscribers what they can and can’t do. Because even if they pay to get a service, it doesn’t give them all the rights. And while the streaming giant is experiencing a more complicated period, with a significant loss of subscribers, rules violations are increasingly being investigated.

That’s why it’s good to remember three small but oh so important rules, because they can get you banned from the platform.

Password sharing. Let me tell you, everyone does this. Sharing your account with friends has become the norm to split the monthly bill. However, this practice has always been banned by Netflix. If the company has more or less closed its eyes by now, the exodus of customers only makes it more serious. Now, the problem has been taken seriously and users who do not have their own account are at great risk.

vpn. Another problem for Netflix is ​​virtual private networks (which basically let you make your browsing private and feel like you’re connecting from another country). The streaming giant actually offers a different catalog depending on the country. With a VPN, users can bypass this restriction. And it doesn’t please everyone. Would it be worth the ban from the platform? Not necessary. First, people who use a VPN should get a warning message to stop using it.

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Copy the content. This is a clear rule. It is prohibited to “store, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, perform, publish, license, create derivative works, offer for sale” of the Content from the Platform. You will be banned for breaking this rule.


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