Young Argentine woman is shot in the face by police protesting against her friend’s intoxicants

 Young Argentine woman is shot in the face by police protesting against her friend's intoxicants

Female of Ursula Bahillo (18) There were widespread protests in the country in Argentina. His close friends and civilians took to the streets to demand justice for the crime.

The authority’s violent response to the demonstrations was evident on Wednesday, when a video was released in which a young woman, a friend of the victim, was shot in the face by an officer.

Dead woman according to the portal InfobeOn many occasions he condemned the man who used to be his partner. He also had a restraining order. However, he was stabbed to death on Monday.

The alleged perpetrator of the crime, identified as a Buenos Aires policeman Matisse MartinezIs caught

Clashes broke out between protesters and police in the country’s capital, Buenos Aires. It was in this context that the incident took place, it was recorded and it has already appeared in various Latin American media.

The video shows how Nerina He went to protest outside a police station in the area and reprimanded the police officers. At that time, an officer fired several shots with rubber pellets. One of them, according to the record, hit his face.

“I took it five centimeters cheaper, and they took my eye out”
The woman later said, according to the media above. He further stated that he was already in good health.

Her account indicates that after the “shot” she was transferred to the emergency room of a health center to receive medical treatment. The pictures show how at least five people turn to him to help him, while many screams are heard.

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“I came to know what had happened at 9 o’clock at night and at 12 o’clock I was already here in the police station. I did not want to hurt anybody, I just came to ask for justice, ”he said.

Police shooting, which caused outrage in that country, recalled cases of people injured in the middle of Chile Social outbreak as a result of police shooting.

The female, meanwhile, must have been admitted by the man, who must have called his uncle to confess. The case is being investigated by the Trans-Andean Prosecutor’s Office.


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