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Η νεαρή στρατιωτικός που ηγήθηκε ομάδας 100 διαδηλωτών στο Καπιτώλιο

Unprecedented images of the Capitol in Washington last week Circled the world, causing a setback. Now the US military is investigating a young psychiatric operation officer who is believed to have formed a group of people who have been involved in a rally of Donald Trump supporters marked by bloody events more than 300 miles away. Had traveled

Captain Emily Rainey, 30, confirmed to the Associated Press that he led a group of about 100 people who arrived in Washington on Wednesday, a group of North Carolina protesters called the Moore County Citizen for Freedom.

And while its commander at Fort Bragg is considering his involvement At events in the capitol, Rainey said that she was clearly open to her plans and insisted that her team was not involved in the invasion of the Capitol.

“I was a citizen and what I did is within my rights,” said the woman, who has also spoken out against the use of masks during the epidemic. As he also said, he was on leave when the dramatic episodes occurred. “I told my superiors before leaving that I was leaving and I informed them when I returned.”

He also posted a video on Facebook, stating that the attackers were anti-fascist. “I do not know any violent patriots. “I don’t know of any patriot who would break the windows of a national jewel like the Capitol.”

According to 1st Special Forces spokesman Daniel Lessard, Rainey serves on the 4th Psychological Operations team at Fort Bragg. Known as PSYOPS, teams use information and misinformation to shape their opponents’ emotions, decisions, and actions. America.


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