‘Your Honour, your camera is on’: Judge suspended for smoking on bed in full zoom call

'Your Honour, your camera is on': Judge suspended for smoking on bed in full zoom call

Colombian judge Vivian Polania, 34, apparently has a problem with social networks. The judge, already elected, was recently suspended after a virtual meeting on Zoom, the videophone software, for posting daring photos on Instagram.

The meeting was a virtual court hearing to discuss the bail of a man accused of the car bombing.

In a video widely distributed on social networks, we can see the judge lying in her bed, topless and smoking a cigarette in her fingers, apparently not awake.

After a few moments of this strange spectacle, a prosecutor tries to warn Vivian Polania: “Your Honor, your camera is on”. Quickly the person in question cuts off the camera but the damage is already done.

Faced with the situation, one of the lawyers present at the virtual meeting reported the judge’s behavior to the National Judicial Ethics Commission in Colombia.

The latter was forced to act: “It is the duty of this commission to refrain from repeating the judge’s contempt for the establishment of his office and the contempt he has shown to his colleagues in prosecution, prosecution and defense.”, wrote the commission, according to Spanish-language media Infobae. ,We find no justification for the Judge to appear in such a pitiable condition when he had the facilities of his own house and all the facilities necessary to prepare for a public hearing properly and with due respect to such an audience.”, he added.

This is the reason why it was decided to suspend Vivian Polania till February 2023.

Questioned by media El Pais, the judge justified herself by explaining that she had been stretched during the virtual hearing due to anxiety attacks.

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