Zakharova compares obtaining a visa to the United States with a bully on the verge of sadism : Politics : World:

Zakharova compares obtaining a visa to the United States with a bully on the verge of sadism : Politics : World:

In recent years, the US State Department has turned the process of obtaining visas for Russians “a real hell based on ridicule on the verge of cultivation”. About it in my telegram channel Having said Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

so he commented Solution The US Department of Foreign Policy to classify Russians as “homeless nationalities” seeking to obtain a US visa.

The name implies that either the United States does not have a consular mission in the country, or that the political situation is so unstable that it does not allow mission staff to consider visa applications from citizens.

Zakharova said that American diplomats are independently destroying the system of providing consular services in Russia, that is, they are closing consulates, reducing the number of consular staff and “experimenting That’s how our symmetric response differs from that of a mirror.”

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Americans of destroying their ideals of freedom. In addition, difficulties in obtaining visas are a blow to families and relatives, that is, those “relations that form a living tissue of relations between countries and the people living in them.” Zakharova also pointed to the emerging difficulties in sport, science and culture.

However, it did not explain what was the reason for accusing the United States of deliberately reducing the number of consular staff in Russia. As US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan noted earlier, Moscow’s new requirements prompted the State Department to take measures that prohibited the hiring of Russians and citizens of third countries as cleaners.

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Then the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that the United States could replace these employees with US citizens, but that the limit of 455 people brought back in 2017 would remain. sullivan warningThat the provision of consular services, including the issuance of visas on such terms, is a difficult task.


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