Zelensky asks for an “air shield” in the G7: is it really possible to protect Ukraine from Russian missiles?

Zelensky asks for an

According to the President of Ukraine, Ukraine’s air defense is currently the number one priority to defend against air strikes from Russia. Ukraine has just received Its first Iris-T air defense system delivered by Germany, The United States has promised to deliver a surface-to-air missile system to NASAMS (Norwegian advanced surface-to-air missile system, ,NASAMS are missiles manufactured in Norway. The United States would acquire it and then integrate its own Vector, an American-made missile, into a Norwegian device to deliver it to Ukrainians.“, explains Alain de Neve, researcher at the Royal Institute of Defense.

Looks like Russia still has amount of precision missiles

Enough to create what is called an air shield over Ukraine. a “iron Dome“Like the one who protects Israel by example.”Here we are talking about 180 km long medium range missiles. It is a system consisting of a firing station that launches the missile as well as a command system and a radar. These 3 elements work together to detect, track and hunt an incoming missile. That is, to chase him and then reach him, strike him. it’s called hit to kill“, Description of Alain de Neve.

,Multiple missiles can be fired simultaneously. It all depends on the number of incoming missiles. These are high-precision defense weapons, we are at a fairly advanced level of technology“Even if of course, calculations or incoming missiles may have errors of hypervelocity or hypermaneuver capability,” specifies the researcher.That is, the missile can change direction at the last moment. But the efficiency rate remains quite high,

For Alain de Neve, an air shield is more than necessary to defend Ukrainian territory: “It was thought that Russia had some stock problems with these precision missiles. Obviously, it looks like he still has a significant amount of it. But little is known about the stockpile of precision missiles we have. Some of these missiles have been used in Syria and Russia also faces a shortage of semiconductors, as part of the 2014 sanctions and since the start of its military operations in Ukraine. It literally stops Russia from being the semiconductor it needsThe IRSD details the researcher, who, like other experts, was shocked by the Russian response: “We were surprised at the number of missiles fired. But at some point, semiconductors are going to be a problem. Ukrainian soldiers found washing machine semiconductors in Russian equipment”, indicates the specialist.

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These air defense systems cannot be deployed in Ukraine at the same time because of their high cost, amounting to several million euros. The first two systems will be delivered and then will follow the new order placed by Kyiv.


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