‘Zombie mixes’ in Denmark that were killed to stop the spread of coronavirus appear to have sprouted from their graves

'Zombie mixes' in Denmark that were killed to stop the spread of coronavirus appear to have sprouted from their graves

Mink infected with the mutant strain of Novel corona virus Later this week appeared to rise from the grave Thousands were arrested In Denmark earlier this month.

The decision to kill the animals came in the wake of the discovery that 11 people fell ill from similar strains found in mink farms and factories.

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However, in a hurry Disposal Body, Danish authorities reported on Thursday That was some corpse Rising to the surface After the gases bound inside the body decaying in their temporary graves.

The corpses were buried Fields of military training Outside Holstebro town.

Thousands of slain mink are buried on November 12, 2020, at the JÓźŹdske Dragongrant training ground at Noore Fielding near Holstebro, Denmark. Millions infected with coronavirus were destroyed in Denmark and cases of the disease were found elsewhere in the world. (AP by Morton Striker / NTB)

The corpse was lying in a ditch only 8 feet deep and 10 feet wide and the first meter of dead mink was covered with chalk before adding another layer under the dirt. According to the Associated Press.

However, although the mink should be covered by at least 5 feet of soil, CBS News has reported They were also buried about 3 feet deep and near the lake – worrying about the possibilities Pollution.

Until then, the grave will be monitored by officials, the leaders said A fence can be put up.

“Zombie” mink is being raised elsewhere and again Environment officials Promises to improve the situation.

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Some mayors have suggested burying the mink corpse, According to USA Today.

Parliament has ordered the killing of about 15 million mink and a ban on all mink farming by the end of next year. The country is the world’s largest exporter of mink fur.

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In Denmark, more than 74 cases and more than 100 deaths have been reported, according to the report. Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.


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