Zookeepers must shoot two bears after fleeing.

Dierenverzorgers moeten twee beren doodschieten nadat ze ontsnappen via omgevallen boom

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Two brown bears who fled the zoo in Dunstable, a town in England, were killed by zoo keepers on Friday. Both bears used fallen trees to move to a nearby enclosure.

The zoo’s chief curator Malcolm Fitzpatrick said a male boar was attacked by two female bears named Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. He said it was “an incredibly disturbing and difficult day.” “As brown bears are strong and dangerous predators, safety is our first priority,” he told the British BBC newspaper. “We need to make quick decisions based on our experience and expertise to protect our people, guests and our other animals.”

According to Fitzpatrick, euthanasia was the “only option” to animals. According to the man, sedatives cannot be used, as they take 20 minutes to take effect, “during which time animals can become unpredictable and aggressive with adrenaline running through them”.

“My everything was devastated”

The fence of the pig enclosure is low, allowing the bears to crawl out of it. A third brown bear named Cinderella, who did not leave the enclosure, was called inside. After this the fallen tree was removed. Now the incident will be thoroughly investigated.

“I’m devastated, but I’m sure our actions have prevented loss of life,” he said. The pig has been treated by a vet and is under surveillance.

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