Michael Jordan’s children reveal the extent of their father’s competitive streak

Michael Jordan, seen here with Phil Jackson, raises his NBA Finals MVP trophy following a last-second shot to secure a third straight title for the Chicago Bulls.
But, as is obvious in the new 10-part documentary series “The Last Dance”, it is his surprising will to win that sets him apart from the rest.

The show, which chronicles Jordan’s epic final season with the Chicago Bulls, depicts a man obsessed with victory, whether it’s a card game or training with teammates.

It appears that his children were also not immune, as three of them – Jasmine, Marcus and Jeffrey – recalled an accident playing football with their father inside their home.

“Jeff was going for a touchdown and, I will never forget it, my dad faced Jeff at a glass table and Jeff hit his head,” said Marcus Jordan The Breakfast Club radio station, revealing the incident required of his brother for points.

“This is competitiveness. Obviously, it was an accident.”

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‘Last time I smack talked to him’

Examples of this competitiveness were clear in all the docuseries, which told how nothing and nobody stand in the way of Jordan.

His US teammates experienced that first hand during a legendary practice session ahead of the 1992 Olympic Games, as documented by the show.

The United States had assembled a dream team of NBA stars, including legends such as Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley, but it soon became clear who the real leader was.

Jordan famously went out of his way to drag his team to victory in what was supposed to be a training match, scoring with a number of teammates in what he described as best game I’ve ever played.

It seems that such an advantage continued in his retirement and transcended the sport of basketball.

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The former world is not. 1 golfer Brooks Koepka remembers a time when he learned never to talk about Jordan again during a round with the famer room.

Entering the last two holes, Koepka made the mistake of making fun of his opponent, to which Jordan had a simple answer.

“He’s just lifting the ball, doing his test swing and looking at me.” It’s the fourth quarter, baby, I don’t lose, “said Koepka Sports Center, revealing that Jordan has gone on to win the last two holes.

“It’s probably the last time I spoke to him.”

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‘The biggest misunderstanding’

Many of its competitors only saw that part of Jordan and perhaps failed to understand a time when he was not doing all he could to win.

But his sons revealed that their dad was able to relax and let go of his competitive edge from time to time.

“One of the biggest misconceptions was that he couldn’t turn it off,” Jeffrey Jordan told The Breakfast Club.

“He could definitely turn it off and be a dad, take us to school and make sure we finished our job. But when it was on, it was on.”


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