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A royal train journey through Scotland

A royal train journey through Scotland

An almost regal journey awaits passengers of the “Royal Scotsman”: The luxury train runs from April to October from Edinburgh Waverley Station to the Scottish Highlands. A Dreamy Journey: Just like Queen Victoria, the traditional train through the Western Highland region carries up to 36 people. Looking at the almost untouched nature with all the freshwater lakes, ghats and rolling hills, a pleasant feeling of nostalgia comes over you. After all, the train has been running on the routes since 1985. Filmmaker Jeanine Apsell has already worked as a writer on documentaries such as “Oscalculated Island” (2018) and “Oscalculated New Zealand” (2016), and as a director on “Unterwegs in Scotland” she brings to the audience 331 Takes on the route of kilometers. That’s what “The Royal Scotsman” covers.

It’s a film that will attract a growing number of famous fans, especially from Scotland. Because almost leisurely and impressively as the train winds its way through the landscape, the documentary, which is worth watching, jolts past places that are worth visiting because they are steeped in history.

Man and nature go hand in hand in Scotland

Every year around 17 million tourists from around the world travel to Britain’s northernmost country to experience the rugged beauty of Scotland. Highlights include Loch Ness as one of the most famous of the 30,000 Lakes, Loch Lomond or the Glenfinnan Viaduct, the so-called “Harry Potter” bridge. They should also not be missing in this film as a traveling stage. The documentation focuses on the impact of humans on nature. For example, London media designer Kate Fieldhouse is committed to a number of reforestation projects to revive the lush mixed forest of 6,000 years ago. Claire Campbell specialized in the ecological production of distinctive tartan patterned clothing. The ZDF documentary shows the extent to which he had to intervene in sheep breeding.

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Apsel focuses on emphasizing the tension between man and nature. The “Royal Scotsman” is not only impressive with its 231 meters and 3,300 hp under the hood, but also seems an ideal vehicle to look into the past, to recognize the changes and mistakes made by human hands and the charm of rough terrain to see Scotland. Park ranger Lewis Milne is raising awareness among guests and tourists on Inchcalloch Island in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

On the Road in Scotland – Wed 21.12. – ZDF: 10:15 pm


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