Adele has lost weight, are we allowed to praise him?

Adele posts surprise Instagram birthday picture

When she first entered the scene with her debut album “19” in 2008, the British singer was knocked down to be older.

Then she lost weight, but apparently not enough to satisfy some people.

Adele replied.

“I never wanted to look like a model on a magazine cover” the then 23-year-old said to People. “I represent the majority of women and I am very proud of it.”

During the same period, he discussed body image with CNN’s Anderson Cooper during a “60-minute” interview and said he never felt the pressure to appear a certain way.

“I’ve never seen magazine covers and seen music videos and it was like that, I want to look like this if I want to be successful” she said.

In the following years, Adele rose to even higher levels as an artist. She also became a mother, got married and divorced.

In an Instagram post that celebrates her birthday on Wednesday, Adele, now 32, looks thinner than she has ever been since she became famous.

We as a society love a before and after when it comes to our stars. Any transformation of celebrities, physical or otherwise, often leads to our public assessment of whether it is good or bad. But is praising Adele’s current appearance somehow criticizing her appearance? Or are we simply recognizing the transformation?

Adele thinner has not been criticized.

The latest photo of Adele sparked a lot of excitement from some on social media, where people had already weighed on his apparent weight loss in January.

This is when TMZ released a piece titled “ADELE NOW FAN SAYS IT’S FINDING THIN … I can’t please everyone.”

The quick-looking comment on Adele came after her photos were posted on the beach in British Anguilla.

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Chalk one up for you you cannot win for losing.

With celebrities, it seems that many have the right to comment more freely on them because we buy their music or watch their movies. We know them but we don’t know know them, so what is the harm in sharing opinions about them?

But Adele’s body is hers. The way he chooses to appear is also a personal matter and not a reflection of his art, exceptional talent or professional results. He sold millions of albums, had four hits on the scoreboard n. 1, has won 15 Grammys and has sold countless stages, all despite being of various sizes.

Yes, Adele has lost weight. But up or down the staircase, she remains a beautiful woman who creates wonderful art.

“There are bigger problems in the world than how I feel about myself and things like that,” said Adele about her body image in a Interview 2015.

Amen, Adele. Amen.


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