Apple explains in detail how stores are reopening

Apple explains in detail how stores are reopening
So far, nearly 100 Apple stores around the world have reopened with extensive changes, including temperature controls on the door, more frequent cleaning and requirements that staff and buyers wear face coatings. Apple is also limiting the number of people admitted to stores and will begin some sidewalk delivery and collection options in some locations, according to a declaration the company released on Sunday.

Reopening an Apple store requires planning that depends on multiple factors, said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and people.

“We review all available data, including local cases, short- and long-term trends, and assistance from national and local health officials,” he wrote in the note. “These are not decisions we rush into – and opening a shop in no way means that we will not take the preventive step of closing it again if local conditions justify it.”

In China, Apple (AAPL) the stores have been “safely open for months,” the company said. All 42 of its offices in China were closed for about a month in February during the peak of the epidemic there.
In the United States, Apple has opened some stores with shorter hours in accordance with local laws. The first store opened in Boise, Idaho last week. The company has 510 stores worldwide, 271 of which are in the United States.

Apple has reopened a store in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, as well as all stores in Australia and Austria. Stores in Germany were also reopened last week.

Shares rose by more than 1% in the negotiations beginning Monday.

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