Axl Rose and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin engage in a not so civil war on Twitter

Mnuchin: This is not the time to worry about the deficit

“It’s official! Whatever anyone has ever thought of Steve Mnuchin before, it’s officially a [a**hole,]” Pink tweeted Wednesday night.
Less than two hours later, Mnuchin replied to Rose, with a now deleted tweet “What have you been doing recently for the country?” which some pointed out included an emoji of the flag of Liberia. Mnuchin tweeted the snarky answer again and included an american flag emoji.

Rose took a hit on the confusion of the Mnuchin flag and replied, “unlike this administrator I am not responsible for 70k + deaths”.

“My God, I did not understand, we hope that 2 emulate the economic model of Liberia, but seriously unlike this admin I am not responsible for 70k + dead and unlike you I do not have a position of faithful responsibility 2 the American people she goes on TV telling them 2 that they travel to the United States during a pandemic, “he tweeted, apparently referring to Mnuchin’s comments during an interview with Fox Business Network on Monday.

During the interview Mnuchin stated that “at this point it was too difficult to say” when asked if he thought international travel would resume this year, but added “this is a great time for people who want to explore the world. ‘America”.

CNN contacted Mnuchin’s office for comment on the tweets, but received no response.

Twitter spit comes as the country rebels against the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Among the ongoing discussions in Congress on the next coronavirus aid package, questions arise about the salary protection program aimed at giving small businesses economic aid and transparency on who receives the loans and millions of Americans are still waiting for stimulus checks on the coronavirus – both efforts Mnuchin has been involved in.

It’s unclear what made Rose go after Mnuchin, but the singer is no stranger to openly criticizing President Donald Trump and his administration.

During a concert in 2016, the band allowed fans to go on stage to destroy a piƱata of then-elected President Trump. In November 2018, Rose slammed Trump’s campaign to play the band’s music during the demonstrations, tweeting that the band had requested that the campaign be stopped and that the campaign was using gaps to play their music.
Later that month, him criticized the president for trying to blame California’s fires on forest management, calling Trump a “demented or truly pathetic individual”.
The iconic cover of the band “Live and Let Die” played in the background while Trump, not wearing a mask, toured a Honeywell mask factory in Arizona on Tuesday.


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