Beyoncé urges fans to stay “focused” on the fight for justice for George Floyd

Beyoncé demands justice for George Floyd

Unarmed black man Floyd died in police custody after ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinched his knee on the neck for nearly nine minutes during his arrest. His death sparked demonstrations in the United States and around the world.

The Grammy-winning artist shared a touching message on Instagram on Wednesday, which featured an aerial photo of thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters filling the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To accompany the picture were the words: “The world has come together for George Floyd. We know there is a long way to go. We remain aligned and focused on our call for true justice.”

In the wake of Floyd’s death, Beyoncé expressed his wound and anger on Instagram, inviting his fans to act and refuse to “normalize the pain”.

“We are broken and disgusted,” he said in a passionate video posted on his Instagram page. “We can’t normalize this pain. I’m not just talking to black people. If you’re white, black, brown and something in between, I’m sure you’re feeling hopeless for the racism that’s going on in America right now.”

The “Training” assassin went on to say that “there have been too many times when we have seen these violent and no-killings.”

“Yes, someone has been accused, but justice is far from being achieved.”

He concluded the message by urging his followers to sign several petitions, adding: “Continue to pray for peace, compassion and healing for our country.”

Beyonce’s latest post on the matter came a few hours after Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced that Chauvin would face second-degree murder charges and that the other three officers involved in the arrest would be accused of helping and favor second degree murder.


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