blowout for a scottish couple

blowout for a scottish couple

Whimsical bill for a couple from Kilmarnock Scotland, whose four-bedroom home got stuck with a £13,000 bill after having a smart meter installed. reported by the newspaper daily Record, Steward and Gail Neely are constantly monitoring their bills, which typically hover around £156 for gas and electricity (up from £177 last month).

Husband and wife were shocked to know the bill

The bitter discovery came last Monday, when the 54-year-old stewart blue, a police officer found that her account had gone from £189.99 in credit to £13,037.71 in debit. All within one night. But the matter does not end here. The answer given by the telephone operator of the company leaves the bill holder even more astonished OVO EnergyTo whom the family leans, who asks him if he wants to pay the bill over the phone.

Finally the truth about the matter. His wife Gail said, “One of the OVO officers had mistakenly recorded a gas reading instead of an electricity reading.” The company did not correct the error until the Sunday Mail asked about the super account.

Apology from gas and electricity supplier

The company apologized and the couple’s account was topped up with a £150 credit as a goodwill gesture. Stewart said the switch to OVO for gas and electricity ‘came about last year after taking over SSE. We still have credit in our account, but I am keeping a close eye on bills and usage due to rising costs.

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Contacted by the Sunday Mail, an OVO spokesperson said: ‘We are very sorry to Mr and Mrs Neely. We rectified the error and they accepted a goodwill amount for the inconvenience.”


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