Boris Johnson outlines guidelines for the reopening of the United Kingdom

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While personal distance remains in the cards, businesses, school and socialization are about to recover slowly, he said, outlining new reopening guidelines on how and where people should resume social contacts.

Up to six people will be able to meet outside “as long as they respect the rules of social removal” in gardens and other private outdoor spaces, he said.

“At the moment, as you know, people can meet in parks but not in private gardens – this was a cautious first step – but we know there is no difference in the risk to health,” he added.

However, people from different families do not yet have to meet inside the houses. From Monday, he will be allowed to meet outside, he said – “as long as those from different families continue to strictly observe the rules of social distance by staying two meters away.”

To the relief of many British parents, the schools will reopen to more children, starting from kindergartens, kindergarten, kindergarten and some grades in elementary schools.

“The closure of schools has deprived children of their education and, as often happens, it is the most disadvantaged pupils who risk being hit hardest,” said Johnson.

“On Monday, we will begin to remedy safely by reopening kindergartens and other facilities and reception for the first years, first and sixth years in primary schools. Two weeks later, on June 15, secondary schools will begin to provide a time of face-to-face contact for years 10 and 12, “he added.

And open markets “where social distancing is easier” and showrooms can now open. Restrictions will further ease as of June 15, when retail and non-essential stores can open their doors, as Britain “starts to restart its economy,” Johnson said.

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The relaxation of the blocking rules comes after the UK mortality rate has steadily declined. From a peak of 943 deaths on April 14, the UK announced 256 coronavirus-related deaths on Thursday – a significant but declining toll.

In his speech, Johnson credited citizens for listening to guidelines on social distancing when the pandemic was at its peak in the UK and stressed the need for the virus to stay in check.

“I cannot and will not throw away all the gains we have made together and therefore the changes we are making are limited and cautious,” he said.


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