Colorado election official says he felt pressured by the state’s GOP president to present incorrect election results

Colorado election official says he felt pressured by the state's GOP president to present incorrect election results

Buck, however, said he was simply asking the official to maintain the state Republican party position that technical issues at a March party assembly meeting derailed a key vote, even though a district court judge he later said that the candidate should not have voted.

The argument is about who the Republican Party will represent in the race to occupy a limited-time job in the Senate district of the State of Colorado 10. Two Republicans, state representative Larry Liston and republican activist David Stiver, are fighting for this . Each had to receive 30% of the vote from Republicans within the district at a convention meeting in late March to make the main vote.

Liston has reached the threshold, while Stiver has not.

Stiver then complained to the party state, saying that the elections, held via an email voting system and a conference call due to the coronavirus pandemic, were unfairly conducted because of what he said was a notification. insufficient than when the online voting would start, an improper use of the voting system and elevating alternates to voting. Two GOP state committees, the Executive Committee and the Central Committee, took the matter into account and sided with Stiver in April.

Buck, in his capacity as president of the state GOP, told Eli Bremer, the state election official who led the initial assembly nomination process, that Stiver should be included in the vote. Bremer, however, argued that the elections were organized correctly and Stiver did not receive the necessary votes – and adding him to the vote would constitute electoral fraud.

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Buck, as president of the party, pushed back.

“I can tell you that only the members of the Central Committee voted and the vote was 52% to 48% for the adoption of the Executive Committee report. Understand the order of the Executive Committee and the Central Committee, which you will present documents to include Mr. Stiver and Mr. Liston to vote with Mr. Liston receiving the top vote? “Buck asks in a conference call on April 17, according to audio revealed for the first time by The Denver Post and obtained from CNN.

“Yes, sir, I understand. The central committee has adopted a vote that requires me to sign a false sworn statement to the state,” Bremer replied.

To which Buck replied, “And will you do it?”

“I will look for a lawyer because I am asked to sign a sworn statement that states that Mr. Stiver received 30% of the vote. I need a lawyer to find out if I am jeopardizing myself for a crime for doing so. I will consult with a lawyer, “said Bremer.

Buck asked again, “And do you understand that the Central Committee has ordered you to do it?”

“Yes, sir. I understand that the Central Committee has ordered me to sign a sworn statement stating that a candidate has obtained 30% that he has not done so and I will look for a lawyer to determine if I can legally follow him,” he reiterated Bremer.

Buck closed back and forth with “Okay, Mr. Bremer. I understand your position.” In the end Bremer did not give incorrect results.

Congressman did not respond to multiple requests for comment from CNN. He did not contest the authenticity of the audio in an interview with Swiss Post and said he was simply asking Bremer to follow the example of the Republican state party.

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“What I was asking Eli to do was not to commit fraud, I was asking Eli if he understood the Central Committee decision and if he was willing to follow the request of the Republican Central Committee,” he told the newspaper. “It wasn’t like I was asking him to do something because I have a personal interest in the process.”

Bremer blew up Buck in an interview with CNN, calling him “the most arrogant man in any room I’ve ever been to.”

“And he decided he was going to dominate me and try to increase the calcium and grind my face into it and say, ‘No, you will break the law because I am a seated MP’,” Bremer said.

Bremer was eventually brought to court, getting a “friendly suit” filed against him by his vice president Karl Schneider to relieve him of having to present incorrect election results. District court chief judge Michael A. Martinez ruled that any certificate of designation filed with the state office secretary showing Stiver as a candidate would violate state law because he had not received at least 30% of the district’s votes.

The Republican Party of Colorado has appealed to the state’s Supreme Court, which refused to listen to the case on Tuesday.

Stiver told CNN on Thursday he filed the documents with the Colorado Supreme Court to report the case to the district court and his name to vote.

“There is no opportunity now, nor have I ever been given, the opportunity to challenge the mathematics of the Senate 10 Executive Committee, analyze the votes totals, review e-mail communications, messages or telephone registers to determine whether what they say it’s real and real, “said Stiver.

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CLARIFICATION: the title of this story has been updated to clarify that the election official who claims to have been forced to present incorrect results did not.


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