Footballers emerge from the block with some unexpected new looks

The buzz cut is back -- here's how to get the look

Many players have their own famous hairdressers, while others fly their favorite barbers into the teams’ fields during international competitions.

After returning to training in their clubs in the past few weeks, some footballers have shown that their barbers are worth their weight in gold.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation was the ability of the brilliant Inter defender Ashley Young to grow hair.

For years, the Englishman had opted for a shaved head – earlier this year he even flew his stylist from England to Italy to maintain his distinctive appearance – but the 34-year-old emerged from the block with a juicy crown .

You certainly wondered why he hadn’t shown off his locks before.

A footballer whose hair often seems to be the subject of conversation (although not through his own fault) is Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman has experimented with different styles and colors over the years, to the great annoyance of the great television expert Graeme Souness. Great Liverpool has regularly criticized Pogba’s hairstyle since his return to the English Premier League in 2016.

The 27-year-old came to training for Manchester United with a simpler appearance last week, leaving many wondering what Souness will do with the new midfielder style.

Some players are definitely shaking the chic lockdown better than others.

Taking inspiration perhaps from actor Jason Momoa, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson may be one of the few people to emerge from the block with a better appearance than when they entered.

Speaking of Liverpool players, Roberto Firmino – who usually sports back and short bands – has had a rather spectacular transformation. It turns out that Mo Salah could have a rival for the team’s best curls.

Roberto Firmino's curls rival those of teammate Mo Salah.

An eagle-eyed fan saw a strange resemblance to a young Ross Geller from “Friends”.

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While most players seem to have let things flow freely, Erik Lamela has taken matters into his own hands.

The Tottenham forward approached training with well-finished peroxide blond padlocks, perhaps taking inspiration from Lionel Messi’s old appearance.

Erik Lamela opted for the classic peroxide blonde.

Chelsea star midfielder, N’Golo Kante, is another one to add to the “amazing hair” category.

Ever since he became famous in Leicester, the little Frenchman has always sported a smooth dome. Now, we can add Kante with hair to the list of things we didn’t expect to see in 2020.

N & # 39; Golo Kante was another unexpected full of hair.


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