George Floyd protests across America: real-time updates

George Floyd protests across America: real-time updates

Tonight, Los Angeles police began arresting a small group of protesters outside the mayor’s residence a few hours after the curfew.

Many protesters were still seated on the ground, hands raised together, singing “Peaceful Protest,” CNN correspondent Kyung Lah said on the scene.

“One by one, you see two officers advancing. You can see the two officers advancing, bending over, asking the protester to stand up, turn around, put their hands behind them and then they are taken away,” Lah said.

As the protesters were taken away, the remaining crowd sitting on the ground cheered for them. The arrested protesters were then lined up against a wall, where they gave the police their information and were driven out for further trial elsewhere, Lah said.

Compared to the doodles and arrests taking place in other parts of the country, this scene was remarkably calm and orderly, in keeping with the peaceful tone of the protests all day long.

“We have been out here for hours with these protesters. It has been incredibly peaceful. We have seen no signs in the main protest group of any looting. There have been a couple of reports of looting, but there appeared to be no such protest groups,” he said. said Lah.

“They supported each other. The people in the apartments and houses they passed through ran away to give them water, encouraging them to continue.”

Hundreds of arrested: The Los Angeles police department has arrested hundreds of protesters, said spokesman Tony Im.

Protests took place today in different parts of the city and county, including Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles and the residential neighborhood of Hancock Park, where Mayor Eric Garcetti resides.

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