House Democrats tell the Supreme Court that they need materials from Mueller’s grand jury

House Democrats tell the Supreme Court that they need materials from Mueller's grand jury

The House Judiciary Committee attempted to obtain documents that prosecutors have collected from witnesses about Trump in a back and forth legal clash that has now come to the Supreme Court.

“Investigations are underway into the Committee’s impeachment related to the obstruction of justice relating to investigations into Russia,” Douglas Letter, the House’s general adviser, he said in a court on Monday.

“If this material reveals new evidence to support the conclusion that President Trump has committed unacceptable crimes,” said Letter, “the committee will proceed accordingly, including, if necessary, considering whether to recommend new impeachment articles.”

The filing comes after a federal appeals court paved the way for the documents to be published in March stating that the judicial committee had an “irresistible need” to view the secret details that prosecutors had collected from witnesses about Trump.

The Justice Department asks the Supreme Court to block the release of the materials, saying it would suffer “irreparable damage” if it were to hand over the jury records before the judges decided whether to accept the appeal.

But Letter noted that the Chamber originally requested the information more than a year ago, and said it feared that the court would accept the department’s request to deal with the case that months would pass before a decision was made.

“This substantial delay,” said Letter, “will seriously endanger the Committee’s ability to complete its impeachment investigations during the current Congress,” he said.

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