Impressive photos of the drought in France

Impressive photos of the drought in France
The summer is not far, scorching temperatures will last at least the end of the week and the level of rivers in France is already a matter of great concern.




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TookThe month of July was very hot and above all very dry. In particular, as a result, the dried up ponds and rivers were reduced to fine streams of water. The Loire, which traverses the country from west to east, has reached a very low level and the river navigation is struggling on the Boulevard du Rin. Unheard of in France since 1976 during a historic heat wave.


The source of the Doubs is the victim of a severe drought in the department of the same name since May. The water has almost disappeared.


Temperatures rose further in southwestern France and the lower Rhne valley, and gradually the rise in mercury spread northwards. While the river is already surprisingly dry, the heat extended to the Loire on Tuesday – where the river is crossed on foot in some places.

Here in Lange.

Cadet Bridge at Saumur.

gorges du verdon

The level of Lake Sainte-Croix has never been so low; It fell 6 meters. Access to the Gorges du Verdon through the valley is restricted.

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Drought is severely affecting the Occitan region and with it all its streams, rivers and lakes.

broke lake

The situation in Lac du Broc, close to the coast, is alarming. The “beach” appeared in the middle of the stretch of water.

breton marsho

The Breton Marsh and its biodiversity have been destroyed by drought and heat. Here, in Villeneuve-en-Retz.


July ranks first among the driest months since 1959, after the months of May and June exceed or exceed record temperatures and post significant rainfall deficits.





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