India-China border: soldiers engage in “aggressive” cross-border skirmish

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The incident, which occurred in a remote mountain pass near Tibet, is the latest in a long series of exacerbations of the borders between the two neighboring powers.

“The aggressive behavior of the two sides resulted in minor injuries to the troops,” said the spokesman.

“The two sides disengaged after dialogue and interaction at the local level. Troops resolve issues mutually according to established protocols,” added the spokesman.

Eleven soldiers, four Indians and seven Chinese, were reportedly injured during a patrol in Nuka La in northern Sikkim, according to the CNN News affiliate18.

The Indian ministry spokesman said that “temporary and short” clashes between troops from both countries are a regular occurrence due to the fact that “borders are not resolved”.

CNN requested a comment from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

India and China share one of the longest land borders in the world. In 1962, the two countries engaged in a bloody Himalayan border war and skirmishes continued to erupt sporadically in the decades that followed.

In 2017, the two sides engaged in a month-long territorial confrontation on the controversial plateau of Doklam, on the unmarked border between China and Bhutan.

Although not part of Indian territory, the area is close to the “chicken neck”, a strategic corridor that serves as a vital artery between Delhi and its northeastern states.

After months of escalating tensions and live fire exercises, the two governments finally decided to move back in August 2017. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping agreed to work together to avoid further border disputes in 2018.
But despite the deal, tensions continue. Until September 2019, Indian and Chinese troops have been involved in a “ripple” on the edge near Lake Pangong in the Himalayas, according to News18.


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