India’s airports begin to reopen

India's airports begin to reopen
(CNN) – After two months of closings, airports in front India I start again today, May 25th.

However, don’t expect airports to look the same as before the global coronavirus pandemic broke out earlier this year.

Like CNN South Vedika relationships, technology and social distance are both playing an important role in protecting travelers.
At Indira Gandhi International Airport, which serves the national capital of New Delhi, travelers must now check online before arriving at the airport and then scan their boarding passes to enter the building.

The security queues are spaced so that passengers can get away socially and everyone must go through a temperature screening station and fill in a travel declaration form.

Once past the security checks and in the departure area, travelers will notice that the chairs have been spaced and that there are floor markers indicating where to stay.

A worker marks the squares on the ground of Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images

But there will also be several experiences on board the planes.

The cabin crew must wear full-body PPE, while passengers must wear masks. For the moment, there is no food or drink service on planes, but passengers are allowed to bring some items with them – provided that the food is “dry” (think of chips or crackers) and not “wet”.

Travelers will also be allowed only one small hand baggage (such as a bag, a laptop bag or a briefcase) per person, and everything else must be checked.

Currently, only domestic flights operate on carriers such as Air India and SpiceJet as India’s borders remain closed to non-residents.

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In order to prevent prices from getting out of control, the government has set up price limits on tickets.


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