Kate Winslet donated 19,500 euros to support the family of a sick girl

Vanity Fair

When Carolyn Hunter saw the name Kate Winslet appear on it online kitty, Her heartbeat stopped. this scottish is a little mother freya12 year old suffering from severe cerebral palsy. His daughter is on life support, forced to carry heavy and expensive equipment with her at all times. For several months, Carolyn Hunter has been appealing to the Scottish authorities for financial support to meet her daughter’s medical needs, with a team of nurses and aides tending to and caring for her at home day and night.

Faced with the silence of institutions, she decided to open an online kitty on the GoFundMe platform, explaining her situation: “I have no way to reduce energy consumption in our home. My eldest daughter and I have always lived in fuel poverty to keep Freya safe and comfortable by making sure all her medical needs are met while trying to keep my bills as low as possible. Clackmannanshire City Council, where she lives, has warned her that her bill could rise significantly next year, partly because of the energy crisis. According to BBCFreya’s family is particularly worried about possible power outages this winter, as the young girl needs an oxygen supply day and night.

by donating 17,000 pounds sterling, the equivalent of approximately 19,500 euros, Kate Winslet Significantly changed the life of the family and the young patient. “I burst into tears when I heard about the money – I thought it wasn’t even real. I’ve always wondered if it really is. […] I will be helped, but what about everyone else? I wanted the government to pay for this and do the right thing – this should not have happened a famous person who interferes. According to British media, Kate Winslet Caroline Hunter has also contacted to express her support.

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