Killer hornets ?? !! Twitter is freaking out

Killer hornets ?? !! Twitter is freaking out

Now we can worry about something else: a giant insect, the largest hornet in the world, which can kill a human being by stinging it a few times.

Meet the Asian giant hornet – also known as the murder hornet.

For the first time ever, a giant hornet has been spotted in the United States, particularly in Washington state, scientists said recently.

Apparently, Twitter hasn’t taken the news too well.

“Murder Hornets and Covid-19 are like” Jose Rosado tweeted.

“(Tornado, virus, school canceled and widespread power outages)

One of my five year old children: dad, is the world running out ??

(He has no idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaliens and hornets)

Me: No, of course not.

The lies parents need to tell their children, “said Jeremy Elrod on Twitter.
“I used to tell Jesus not to return until I got married and had no children, but I changed my mind! Now he can go back! Too far forward, now there are sightings of murder hornets ??. No, go back Jesus! ” singer Michelle Williams tweeted.

“Governments: please stay inside.

Universe: I take it from here. MURDER HORNETS, “Betches Media tweeted.
“Today’s apocalypse of the day is murder hornet, brought by the letter M” tweeted Gracie Wiley, along with the fire meme “this is fine”.
“Oh, I’m sorry … did they say MURDER hornets ???” another user tweeted.

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