Languages, Minorities, Rights, Identity, Self-Government and Information

Languages, Minorities, Rights, Identity, Self-Government and Information

An interesting appointment for everyone and a professional training and update program for publicists and professionals enrolled in the Order of Journalists (ODG). This is what will be held on December 15, from 10 am in Sala Tomadini in Udine (Via Tomadini 30, University of Udine, Legal Economic Pole, Ground Floor) at the initiative of the CIRF and the Order of Journalists of the FVG.

The title of the event – ​​“Languages, minorities, rights, identity, self-governance and information. Friuli, Europa” – the topics discussed during the meeting will be almost self-explanatory. This is an opportunity to learn more about topics that have special relevance in our region and in which it is normal to recognize references and connections between Friuli and Europe.

The theoretical framework of the context will be defined in terms of both the definition of keywords such as minority/minority, minority or minority languages ​​and protection, and the context of legislation and claims and political initiatives and the media. On these issues, some cooperation will also be proposed between different European realities: from Friuli to Sardinia, from the Basque Country to Scotland, from Catalonia to Wales…

The meeting will be organized by sociologist Adriano Ciruli, researcher at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics of our University, where he teaches Social Media and Visual Communication, and journalist, historian and political scientist Marco Stolfo, contemporary professor at the Gorizia Multipurpose Center of the University of Udine in History and Mass Communication in Public Relations degree course. Attending the meeting is free and free for all.

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Furthermore, the appointment is part of a training and professional update offer reserved for members of the Order of Journalists (ODG), so they should formalize their participation. site,

For more information, write or call CIRF ([email protected], [email protected], 0432556480).


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