Life will never be the same after the pandemic, says the public health journalist

She warned of virus decades ago. Hear her best-case for how this ends.

“I think in four, five years and there won’t be a single aspect of our life that has remained unchanged,” he told CNN’s ongoing coronavirus to the city hall. “It’s almost impossible to really imagine what it will be like.”

Lack of a unified approach to dealing with the pandemic can cause problems in eradicating the virus, even with a vaccine, Garrett said.

“The virus will continue to circulate around the world, regardless of whether or not there is a vaccine, unless we are committed to achieving a strategic goal of truly eliminating the virus from the planet with the appropriate implementation of the vaccine for all: 7.5 billion human beings “.

As the length and breadth of the effects of coronavirus become clearer, Americans can reconsider aspects of everyday life: from air travel to meetings involving human contact, he said.

“All of the types of interactions and behaviors we took for granted will look different,” said Garrett. “We haven’t really felt the effect of the great depression we’re marching in yet.”

Garrett contradicted Vice President Mike Pence’s assessment that the pandemic would largely end by the end of May, saying it would approach the timeline to 36 months.

He attributed Pence’s timeline to the White House’s goal of restarting the economy and opening up businesses, but he already predicts that the economy will suffer the effects of this pandemic for years.

When health problems are over, he said, governments may not be able to invest in change and companies may not have the funds to develop and innovate, he said.

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Gary Cohn, former economic adviser to President Trump, stressed Thursday that he is optimistic about the future of the American economy and believes that the nation will be “very intelligent and very creative” in creating new opportunities, but does not agree with the assessment of the president that next year will be unbelievable from an economic point of view.

“I think it will take more than 12 months to evolve where we feel comfortable,” Coin told Erin Burnett of CNN. “Unless something miraculously happens in the medical field and we don’t get a vaccine … it will take some time.”

CNN’s Arman Azad and Jen Christensen contributed to this report.


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