Mark Cuban was seriously weighing up a race for the president last month. That’s why he decided not to

Mark Cuban: We need to create millions of jobs that pay well
The billionaire owner of Dallas Mavericks criticized and discussed President Donald Trump host presidential ambitions For years. But several weeks ago, Cuban hired someone to evaluate his chances in the 2020 race, he told David Axelrod The Ax Files podcast Thursday.

“My family has voted down,” Cuban said of a presidential offer. “Otherwise I would have.”

Cuban said he would run as an independent candidate and wanted to know how he would behave against Trump and the alleged Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

The pollster, Cuban said, told him he could get around 77% of the independent vote and get some votes from Trump and Biden. However, he eventually felt that his chances weren’t good enough.

“I dominated the independent vote,” said Cuban. “But overall, I was able to get only 25%.”

With so many probabilities, he said, he didn’t feel he could convince his family that a ride was worth it. “That’s why I didn’t pursue him.”

As for his feelings about Trump’s presidency, Cuban said he thought “he got off to a good start,” adding that he agreed with some parts of Trump’s tax plan. But in the end Cuban questioned Trump’s suitability for the role.

“He’s not a leader at all,” said Cuban. “He has no communication skills. To date, it’s not his fault. He has never admitted anything. And you can’t be the leader of the free world and always play the victim card.”

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