Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan say they will continue fighting

Megan Rapinoe slams US Soccer for 'blatant sexism'

Appearing Monday in separate locations in ABC’s “Good Morning America”, they both called Friday’s sentence a “shock”.

“This decision has been out of the left field for us,” said Morgan. “I think it was unexpected for both sides, so we will certainly be attractive and forward. If anyone knows anything about the heart of this team, we are fighters and we will continue to fight together for this.”

U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner of California wrote in his decision that members of the USWNT did not demonstrate pay discrimination under the Equal Pay Act because the women’s team played more games and made more money than the men’s team.

The women’s team also rejected a collective bargaining agreement in which it would have had the same pay structure as the men’s team in favor of a different CBA, wrote Klausner.

The women’s CBA guarantees that players will be compensated regardless of whether they play a game or not, while the men’s CBA asks that players be paid if they are called on the pitch to play and then participate in a game, according to the court filing.

Klausner wrote that women asked a court to conclude that women were paid less than men because if women had been paid under the men’s CBA, they would have earned more than they did with their CBA.

But, according to Rapinoe: “The male contract was never offered to us”.

“If we were under the male contract, we would do three times more,” Rapinoe told ABC.

“You can see total compensation and say,” Oh, the women’s team did a little more. “At that time when we did just a little more, we won two World Cups and we won almost every single game in we played. So the pay rate is so different. And it’s so frustrating. Actually, I think so many women face it.

Joe Biden threatens to cut US Football World Cup funding unless women get the same pay

“When we examined our CBA, I think the court judge mentioned this, that now that the contracts have expired, we are only saying that because we have done less, we would like to go to the men’s contract.

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“The male contract was never offered to us and certainly not the same amount of money, so to say that we negotiated for our contract and that’s what we agreed, I think so many women can understand what it feels like to get into a negotiation knowing that equal pay isn’t on the table. Knowing a place near your male colleagues isn’t even on the table. “

On Monday, the United States National Players Players Association released a statement on its website showing support for members of the United States women’s national team.

“USMNT players continue to stay with WNT players in their efforts to ensure equal pay,” says the note. “For a year and a half USMNT players have submitted proposals to the Federation that would have achieved the same pay for USMNT and USWNT players. We understand that WNT players intend to appeal the decision last week and support them” .

Requests by players for unequal working conditions based on travel conditions, in particular charter flights and hotel accommodation, and support services, in particular medical and training assistance, can still be processed. The trial is scheduled for June 16.


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