Nico Hulkenberg: Coronavirus pandemic offers “F1 opportunity to change”

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The start of the 2020 season has been delayed, with the first 10 races of the season being postponed or canceled due to safety concerns over the spread of Covid-19.

But for Hulkenberg, who doesn’t have a place in F1 for the 2020 season, time without races offers “an opportunity for F1 to change some things.”

“Obviously it’s real and many industries, businesses and companies are in trouble,” said the 32-year-old CNN Sport’s Amanda Davies on Instagram Live.

“And I think there will be some consequences. But I also think it is an opportunity for F1 to change some things, talking about budgets there and some types of regulations. So I also see it as an opportunity and hopefully it will come with some good answers and (I) I hope everyone survives this and that we can go back to competing well and after. “

A more fun sport

One of the innovations that will be introduced for the 2021 season is the budget limit that will limit the amount that teams can spend.
Originally set at $ 175 million, the F1 motorsport chief executive Ross Brawn announced will be reduced by $ 30 million per team. “Sport appears to be cutting costs following the coronavirus pandemic.”

Hulkenberg thinks that a cap is “an excellent step to bring everyone together in the future”.

“I think once implemented, it will not be immediate because the best teams will still have some advantage that they will carry on for some time. But it is only a fairer and more uniform playing field.”

While some believe in Formula E threatens the future of F1, people involved in sports are not worried.

Creating a more “attractive” sport will help him attract new viewers and grow, according to Hulkenberg.

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“Racing is racing, but obviously it’s fun and racing just has to be really fun. We did some extraordinary races like Hockenheim last year,” he recalls.

“(It was) dramatic. Fights left, right, center; you didn’t know where to look first. And there were a couple. And then sometimes you had really boring races.

Hulkenberg runs during the tests of the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix.

“So we just need good average races that are fun to watch all the time, many wheel to wheel races close together, and so I think the sport will become more attractive because people like to watch it, they enjoy watching us as we fight as much as we fight we do too “.

Despite finding himself without a car for the season, Hulkenberg still plans to return to the track.

It was linked to a move to Formula E or Ferrari, but it excluded both.

A move for the Italian giants would only occur in his “next life”, according to the German.

And despite not having raced this season – Hulkenberg is excited to see the “fan” races – the time spent racing has only made him hungrier to return in 2021.


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